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The only horrida I have managed to keep alive over a year $129.00

Acropora Horrida

Well not entirely true but now that I have your attention.  I don't know why exactly but many avid collectors have probably given a horrida every effort they had only to lose it within 6 months or so.  Not saying they always die, but It's a finicky sps that doesn't often seem happy in captivity no matter what you do.  Fingers crossed on this one.  Here is the lone frag off the colony that crashed in that six-month window about 2 years ago now.  It was a long slow recovery but finally stabilized and has been doing great ever since.


 Clearly not much growth but the fact that it's alive and well is all I really care about at this time.  Obviously won't be fragging it any time real soon but keep in touch with me if you think you may want a piece.



Hoping for the best with this one and sorry for the teaser.




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