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Soft Rainbow Milli $69.00

Acropora Millipora

Alright, I got another acro I am not entirely sure what to think about. I have always been kind of drawn to this one. I know there's a few of you that have it for sure because I have fraged it at least five or six times now. More in the beginning before it really blossomed. It's coloration is so curiously inconsistent that it's had my attention since the beginning. She's been in my system a couple years now and looking exceptionally interesting these days. It was time I got this thing in front of the camera!  

Washing from gold to pink to blue and green a little orange even some purple then back again. It's just another weirdo milli. There's some green in the very tips that contrasts the blue underneath which I'm a huge sucker for. Ultimately she's not the most vibrantly colored acro but there's something undeniably cool about this one.  

Would love to hear from anyone who's got this one and what you think about it. How's it doing and what's it look like for you. I think this is one of those acros that is just all over the place. Pics would be very welcome.

This colony has been under t5's since day one but I have another little colony under radiums doing different stuff entirely! The wash is like golden. Anyway, just another perfectly unique member of the Battle-stash long overdue for a showcase. 

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