Well guys, here we are...

Now over 10 years since it all began.  A lot of new friends and thousands of frags later I am happy to say that Battlecorals is going stronger than ever and my growing collection is teeming with captive-raised essentials.  

If this is your first visit, then welcome to the finest collection of captive-raised sps available!

The rest of you, it's great to have you back and I hope you enjoy the new site.  Including a search feature finally!  I apologize again to everyone I sent site diving for hours looking for random acros.    

Whether this is your first visit, or if you have my catalog memorized by now, one thing you may notice is the absence of larger wild colony shots to represent the coral I am selling for smaller sometimes nearly frag-sized specimens.  This is because I am not selling you wild cut sps. I want you to see what these corals actually look like once they have acclimated fully to aquarium life. 

If you don't know me yet and are wondering who the heck I am, my name is Adam, and here's a brief history of BC:


I started out as a hobbyist moving rather quickly to brazen collector.  As my passion for sps grew, so did my collection.  I began to give away and eventually sell frags on a few reef-related forums.   After a number of years as a hobbyist, I finally decided it was time to embrace the sentiment that kept bringing the same customers back and then telling friends about their experiences.  Well, that and my good friend DC was instructed to inform me that my selling days on that forum were over.  "Commercial Hobbyism" they called it. Good! This was the catalyst, in fact, it had been a long time coming and was the acute kick in the rear I needed to even think about actually pulling this off. 

But enough with the boring stuff. Go look at some sps pics!


Adam Derickson