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Acropora sp.

Check back soon!

Holy Crap this thing is Yellow!  Honestly, the first and only really fully yellow-bodied acro I've ever had.  And what's interesting is that this one came in as a slight pastel orange color. Not yellow in any way.    As the wild orange coloration faded, it became this super crisp and clean yellow.

I've seen lots of wild acros come in yellow and wind up that all too familiar "yellow-green" but this thing is a completely different animal and the transition to captive coloration has been a visual miracle.

I have been dreaming of an sps like this forever.  An effortlessly maintainable solid yellow acro!  I could not get a decent shot of my larger colony in the halide tank, unfortunately.  The water is too shallow to focus.  But as soon as I've got a bigger piece I can shoot in the pic tank,  I absolutely will. 


1st pic is under blues and 2nd is the daylight shot

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