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Toxic Papadopoulos $179.00

Acropora sp.

I mean I guess I watched it. I wouldn't say I was a regular viewer but weather you like it or not, if you grew up in the 80's, you are following me on this one. Sort of like a cousin show to Different Strokes, complete with outs own spunky little undersized wonder. Lets face it, 80's TV shows were as glorious as they were outlandish. No doubt about it. But it was none the less, a magnificent time to be a kid! 

So where does this stuff even come from? I have no idea guys, really. Some fleeting but instantaneous moment of nostalgia? Or, maybe I just liked the way it sounded. Perhaps I just thought, ok it can't get any more ridicules than this. I mean really? The Toxic Papadopoulos? Meant to be taken absolutely literally, as a reference to a glowing chemicalized George? Illustrated perfectly with an accompanying image! Why not. Let's have it! No need to say another word. 

It's the BC Toxic Papadopoulos

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