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Purple Flamingo $89.00

Acropora sp.

If by chance you happened upon this thread at all at some point, you would have heard me mention the Purple Flamingo and how I'll get a pic soon or someday..............................

Well I guess that finally inspired me to shoot this gem because that day is today! No idea why I have waited this long. Seeing this today and really getting a good long look at it made me realize how gorgeous it is. The Purple is like the aficionados Pink Flamingo. Very similar in color shape and structure but she's a bit more finicky though and over all no where near as easy to pull the pretty out of. You almost have to form a relationship with this one. Like you need to get to know her before she shows you here true colors. And yes I am laying it on pretty thick here. Sappy as ever there but hey if we are going to continue to give acros silly names, then let's just go all in.

So, here we are. Almost two years captive, one of three small Purple Flamingo colonies I have. The prettiest of the three as well. Again I had to work for this one! Notice the yellow in the polyps on the close ups. For me that is what really sets this one apart from the recent rash of wild yellow tippers flooding in.

So just one more time, I mean it when I say this one may not be for you. It's even likely that it will brown out and not come back, but if you have the feel for it, and can give it what it wants, you'll be pleasantly rewarded and can bask in the satisfaction of knowing you pulled it off.

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