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SunnyX Sunset Milli $99.00

Acropora Millipora

Long before Pro Corals, there was an enthusiastic Reefer who went by the name SunnyX.  He inspired us all with his rimless 75 and was one of the pioneers of modern methods of bacteria-driven nutrient control.  Well back then Sunny had a sunset milli that was like no other and people just gravitated towards it constantly.  I personally got ahold of him right about the time he was starting up Pro Corals and was looking to trade coral for any type of equipment he could get his hands on.

I had a ridiculous stash of the old blue icecap 250s and a box of used bulbs.  Lots of them.  So I sent Sunny a bunch of stuff and he send me a bunch back.  In the box, along with the coveted Superman table and a few other gems was the original Sunny's Sunset.

This is another acro I just kind of tucked away for a few years. It's endured a couple of horrible tank transfers and numerous other abuses over the years.  But one day about a year ago, I finally took notice of this thing.  It had gotten some girth and the color was just astounding.  I still left it alone but would rarely pepper a frag pack with a branch while I was holding out for the time to really get a good shot of it.  It’s mounted on one of Gooch's old tinted tiles so before you go too crazy on me please know that.  This is what this milli looks like!

After almost four years of moderate neglect and countless location changes, I am happy to say that this thing is looking better than ever and I was able to get a couple of decent shots of it today.   

Now I know the MI folks have been fragging the crap out of this one for years and just about every reefer within a 300-mile radius of Sunnys’ got it.  And that sunset mills have become all too common these days but for those of you seeking a true classic, I am adding it to the site today!

The Og SunnyX Sunset.  If I can go ahead quote Troylee: 

"There is only one Sunset Millie IMHO... SunnyX Mr. Pro Corals owns it... Nothing like the OG pieces.."

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