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Smitty's Chicago Blues $129.00

Check back soon!

That's right. There's a new blue in town. Well actually a pretty old and painfully slow growing blue in town.

Smitty's Chicago Blues, named after legendary local reefer Badsmitty who traded me this piece over four years ago now! I have been watching this thing almost daily ever since. Honestly your looking at four solid years of growth. The stalk in the center was the original frag that never grew while the base has been encrusting and growing from day one.

This is one of those acros that people who are fortunate enough to get me to shut my pumps off so you can actually see whats in the tanks gravitate to immediately. The blue is so deep and so penetrating that it's impossible not to really. Even with the surface churning, pumps on full blast I've had people blare out "what the heck is that blue mass right there" as their finger hovers over a blury glowing blue spectacle beneath. Then followed by countless pleas for frags. The answer is always the same. "Sorry guys she's just not ready yet" I'll say to them. Their spirits dampened for a moment then lifted at the notion that they may one day have this for their own. The truth is she's not ready. This is just one of those painfully slow growing super gems that you don't want to touch. Ever!

The good news is that it really seems to be gaining momentum this past year moving from a nubless encrusted tile to actual branches emerging from the plated growth. In fact probably should have given it another year or two before I even shot it but I just couldn't wait any longer. I had to document this one.

Smittys' Chicago Blues Just as blue and amazing as blue and amazing could ever be! And one of the most prized and coveted sps of my entire collection

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