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Red Robin $39.00

I think often, when you have been looking at an acro  for a long time, you really take it for granted. Especially if they are colonies grown out from frags.  I mean that's a commitment  and if you have an acro colony that began as a nub then I applaud you.   You have succeeded in one of the most challenging aspects of our hobby.  But I have to ask if you often  find your attention drifting towards those tiny new frags rather then your tank mainstays?  Your old friends at this point, whom of which you probably  know every nook and branch of. These things have been with you the longest and probably weathered a few minor disasters only to come back stronger or unaffected all together.  These guys are the real Kings of your reefs.

 Well I admit I am extremely guilty of this often brushing off monster colonies without regard.  I will say that for me the period from fully acclimated  frag,  to tennis ball sized mini colony is by far my favorite to watch.  It is during this time that my acros my fullest attention anyway.

 But what does that say about our long time residents?  They just become part of the background  always there….

 The Red Robin.  Multigenerational  long captive gem  that comes from a time when  anything red was very highly regarded and this guy was in a class all his own back then.        My own colony has been with me a number of years now as well and like the others has fallen into the "next" as in what else you got category.   I just felt that this guy not only needed a reshoot bad but just needed  some long over due respect!




I mean the epitome of a classic Acro.  The Red Robin!!! 

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