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Paletta Pink Tip $89.00

Acropora sp.

The Paletta Pink tip was always “that one” for me.  I don’t know why, but there’s always that one or two that for whatever reason it just seems you were not meant to have. Over the years I had come to accept that the Paletta Pink Tip was one for me. weather by shipping fluke, or acclimation woes, or other odd anomalies,  It was clear to me that I was not meant to have this one.  I had finally given up on ever having a piece of this in my own collection.   If not for my long-time coral swapping friends Juston Premo that sentiment would have lived on indefinitely. 

Justin and I  had done one last swap many years ago and reluctantly, I asked for one more frag of the pinky.   Let’s give it one last and final desperate try.  If this one follows the same path, then I swear I will officially give up on it.   No Paletta Pink for me. 

The frag came in better than any before it, prompting immediately a promising feeling I had yet to feel about this acro in any of my previous attempts.  After QT protocol I finally mounted it to one of my 3x3 tiles, threw it under T5’s, and just tried to forget about it.  The weeks turned into months and it began to grow, and as it grew it began to look good.   As more time passed I was confident this was it. This guy had beaten the odds and unvexed whatever fluke or quirk was harnessing my ability to keep this one alive before. I finally had a thriving Paletta pink tip.  


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