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BC R2R 10 Pack! $299.00

Check back soon!

I've got a classic, 100% aquacultured 10 pack of chunky BC Staples! You can't beat it. A lot of these are in the 10-15 and over club now, and multiple generations in captivity. Nearly invincible sps!

Ready for immediate shipping, I've got 10 of these packs!


Reef2Reef Thread

299.00 shipped!

  1. Poletti Yellow Tip
  2. Vivid Rainbow Delight
  3. Shades of Fall
  4. Miss Scarlett
  5. Reef Raft Excaliber
  6. Grec C Ultimate Efflo
  7. BC Secale
  8. Cream City Pinky
  9. Reef Ready Grape Juice
  10. BC Heart & Soul