I always say, “Lucky is the indecisive BC patron who’s mind is not easily made up.” Well, to be honest, I don’t actually say that verbatim, in fact, I have never said exactly that once. But, I do suggest something very much to that effect, to anyone that elects to have me assemble for them, a pack based on their tastes, budget, skill level and their needs. Rather than hand-pick a custom pack from the site.

Now I hate to play favorites and I really don’t with customers at all. Everyone will get the best cut I can muster of whatever they have purchased. But here is the low down on grab bags. When you extend to me the courtesy of selecting and cutting your pack, it is a gesture that I appreciate wholeheartedly and I tend to return it exponentially. Meaning, grab bags seem to always include larger choice cuts and are exceptional samples of my expansive collection.

You see, when I get to pick the pack out, I’ll skim over some possibly more popular, but ravaged, over fragged and abused mothers.  Instead, I go right for the prime cuts of personal favorites, underrated and underappreciated wonders, and coral that I am able to cut larger healthier frags from. Often I’ll include gems not even on the site yet which can be the greatest reward of all. And no duds either. These aren’t a means for me to dump all my less popular stuff. My systems are cramped enough as it is. I do not have room at all for anything less than highly desirable.

I call them grab bag packs or the more popular "Battleboxes" I absolutely love to do them, and always go a little overboard on them when I do!  So if you are one of the less picky reefers out there, or maybe you're just starting out with sps, and don’t really know exactly what you want, or maybe just can't quite decide. Perhaps you simply have enough faith in me to pull it off for you, or maybe you just love surprises!

If you are saying to yourself, "Hey yeah. That's me", then explore the option of a Battlecorals Grab bag pack. I am 100% positive that you will be delighted when you open that box.

For even more insight into these packs check out this extensive thread on reef2reef.

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