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Twenty Dollar Bin Boxes $100.00

Like the good old days!  Lots of quality here to pick from for these packs. I promise  

Will you be getting a lasermelon?  Definitely not.  Frags might smaller high enders,  maybe "no namers" could be stylos or montis, or colored down acro gems.  You may even get duplicates on second or third boxes.  But hey that's what the Bargain bin is all about!  

For for the budget minded hobbyist, or perfect for beginner sps enthusiasts.  I promise you no other vendor will be able to beat these deals! 100% captive grown sps at 20.00 a frag down the pipe. 

 I may cut some corners on these for efficiency to get you the cheapest bottom line possible.  Think about my cost for stuff like bags, boxes, frag plugs,  Glue etc, and actual shipping which has gotten crazy I'll admit.  But will in no way compromise the actual coral you will receive.  


Flat shipping rate of 45.00 will be added for UPS Overnight